A Few Words About DigiLifeDesigns

Life behind the camera for us is as beautiful as what we put in front of it.

Instead of an easel - a tripod. Instead of brushes - a camera that transmits feelings and emotions in one shot. And one day opening the album, reviewing pictures in the minds memories begin to emerge, the same emotions that had been on the day of the shooting. And by the will of a smile appears on the face, and maybe even tears, tears of joy. You realize that there is something to show our grandchildren proudly saying, "It is Me" . With each pair, with every man, every landscape I have shot, watching their emotions and showing natures glory, and exposing raw feelings - I was feeling the same and tried to show these feelings in the photos.
 That is how I see this world.

What I Offer

Make sure my eye is right for you.

As with a good pair of shoes they have to fit right or you will regret it. How many people get Tattoos from horrible artists and then live with their decision. Photographs are the same, dont ruin your special day or event by selecting the wrong photographer.

Pipeline to Photographers

Digi Life Designs is a principal vision of providing prints for hangings or other facets of design. The photographs and prints are one off's and original not mass produced.  If you would like to have a special unique shooting give us a call or email me to discuss the opportunity with you.

Something for Everyone

Looking for Lanscape, Nature, People, Portraits, Architecture or Abstract Photagraphy?

Our Gallery may have exactly what you are looking for. If you find a print that you would like to purchase with a copyright certificate of ownership contact us at sales@digilifedesigns.com

Location shots and Refferals?

Do you need me on location for a shoot, or would you like one of our recommendations of photographers in your area?

Contact me at sales@digilifedesigns.com to discuss your photographic needs.

Getting Started is Easy

To utilize our service or just to see what we can offer you, contact us at sales@digilifedesigns.com