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Web Development and Small Business Solutions

It has taken us nearly 30 years to learn the in's and out's of web development with all the facets that surround the concept of web development. We have the skills and experience to produce a dynamic, desktop and mobile device platform for you.

We utilize the latest graphic design and editing software to make those eye popping attention grabbing graphics. We believe that web sites should look good on the inside and out. We provide affordable forum and HR platform development services. If you have an urgent need please contact us using the available email link below.

Digilife Designs specializes in small business HR solutions and community oriented forums and CMS platforms. Do you have a need for a forum or a small business HR platform with record and time keeping functions? We specialize in that small business application at a fraction of the cost you would pay anywhere else. We dont bleed you monthly and each installation can cover up to 5000 employees at very affordable prices. Contact us for a quote today.


DigiLife Designs wants to partner with you for your success, we will walk you through the initial startup phase and collaborate with you until project completion. We can be your TurnKey Solution from domain aquisition to development. Leverage our experience and ability to get you a product that mirror's your values. We have completed hundreds of projects for clients, to see just a bit of our work follow these links.





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