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    We can help you make photos of any place!
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    The highest quality works preserving life’s special moments
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    Making something special to save your memories
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    Our works are able to stir a wide range of emotions
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    Creating quality photos with professional touch
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    Delivering artistically styled stunning images
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    Taking into consideration all aspects of visual presentation

Welcome to DigiLifeDesigns!

Digital Life Designs is founded on a artistic photographic principal, instead of a brush and vibrant colors I see my visions through the lense of a camera. I let Nature, Life Experiences and my surroundings provide the inspiration.

About Us

Digital Life Designs is Owned by Frank Sellers who grew up exposed to  Photography by watching his grandfather and has returned to it as an artistic outlet.


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Contact Us

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Take a look around our portfolio to get an overview of Franks visions, this makes it easy to find the style thats right for you. Also be sure to visit our Gallery by clicking HERE!


8 years experience